Deanna Brown’s Show Schedule

Other shows
Roby's Pub & Patio05/27/169:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Finnegan's Wake05/25/168:00pmPickerington, OHMap
Roby's Pub & Patio03/25/169:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Finnegan's Wake03/23/168:00pmPickerington, OHMap
Roby's Pub & Patio02/26/169:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Finnegan's Wake02/24/168:00pmPickerington, OHMap
The Bunganut Pig01/25/166:00pmFranklin, TNMap
Airport Tavern01/16/169:00pmLore City, OH Map
Roby's Pub & Patio01/15/169:00pmPataskala , OH Map
The Bridge Bar 12/29/1510:00pmNashville, TNMap
Doug's Motor City 12/04/156:00pmBowling Green , KY Map
The Maple Inn 11/21/158:00pmLouisville , KY Map
Roby's Pub & Patio11/20/159:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Doug's Motor City 11/14/156:00pmBowling Green , KY Map
Rum River Bar & Grill 10/31/157:00pmPort Richey, FL Map
Kickin' Wingz 10/30/157:00pmPort Richey, FLMap
Zig Zag Scallop 10/29/157:00pmSpring Hill, FLMap
Southern Ground 10/28/158:00pmTampa , FLMap
Doug's Motor City 10/23/156:00pmBowling Green , KY Map
The Maple Inn 10/17/158:00pmLouisville , KY Map
Roby's Pub & Patio10/16/159:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Heritage Fest 2015 09/20/1512:00pmChicago , ILMap
The Bird's Nest 09/19/159:00pmChicago, ILMap
Doug's Motor City 09/18/156:00pmBowling Green , KY Map
Caribbean Jerks 09/12/158:00pmLewis Center, OH Map
Roby's Pub & Patio09/11/159:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Johnny Cash Museum 09/03/157:00pmNashville, TNMap
Doug's Motor City 08/28/156:00pmBowling Green , KY Map
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery07/08/159:30pmNashville, TNMap
The Bardstown06/25/157:00pmLouisville, KY Map
The Bridge Bar06/02/159:15pmNashville, TN Map
Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery05/06/155:30pmNashville, TNMap
Airport Tavern05/03/156:00pmLore City, OH Map
Squeeks Chances R05/02/159:00pmPickerington, OH Map
Roby's Pub & Patio05/01/159:00pmPataskala , OH Map
Triple Shots04/30/158:00pmColumbus, OHMap
Airport Tavern03/08/153:00pmLore City, OH Map
Squeeks Chances R03/07/157:00pmPickerington, OH Map
RP3 03/06/157:00pmBaltimore, OH Map
Triple Shots03/05/157:00pmColumbus, OHMap
Piranha's Bar and Grill12/17/148:00pmHendersonville, TNMap
Piranha's Bar and Grill12/10/148:00pmHendersonville, TNMap
Piranha's Bar and Grill12/03/148:00pmHendersonville, TNMap
Piranha's Bar and Grill11/26/148:00pmHendersonville, TNMap
Piranha's Bar and Grill11/19/148:00pmHendersonville, TNMap
Losers Bar 10/30/146:00pmFranklin, TNMap
Country Mart Parking Lot09/20/146:00pmTaylorsville, KYMap
Belcourt Taps08/13/149:30pmNashville, TNMap
Belcourt Taps07/09/149:00pmNashville, TNMap
Soulshine Pizza 07/06/144:00pmNashville , TNMap
The Cedar Door 06/15/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 06/08/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 06/01/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 05/25/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 05/18/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
Shiners Saloon05/15/1410:30pmAustin , TexasMap
The Cedar Door 04/27/1411:00amAustin, TexasMap
Shiners Saloon04/24/1410:30pmAustin , TexasMap
The Sand Bar 04/20/143:00pmCorpus Christi, Texas Map
Pelican Lounge 04/19/1410:00pmCorpus Christi, TX Map
Burger Company 04/18/149:00pmCorpus Christi, TXMap
The Cedar Door 04/17/146:00pmAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 04/13/1411:00amAustin, TexasMap
The Cedar Door 04/06/1411:00amAustin, TexasMap
The Cedar Door 03/30/1411:00amAustin, TexasMap
The Cedar Door 03/23/1411:00amAustin, TexasMap
Waterloo Ice House 01/28/1410:00pmAustin, TXMap
The Cedar Door 01/26/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
The Cedar Door 01/19/1411:00amAustin , TXMap
Riddims @ RAINBOW BEACH 07/11/103:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay06/30/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Coconuts 06/26/106:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay06/16/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Smugglers Cove06/11/107:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Coconuts 06/05/106:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay06/02/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Smugglers Cove05/22/107:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay05/19/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Divi05/07/106:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay05/05/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Coconuts 04/24/108:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay04/21/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Rowdy Joes04/11/107:00pmNorth Shore, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay04/07/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay03/24/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Community Theatre03/20/108:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Community Theatre03/19/108:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay03/10/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Chicken Charlie's 03/05/107:00pmChristiansted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay02/24/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Riddims @ RAINBOW BEACH 02/21/103:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Eat @ Cane Bay02/10/105:30pmNorth Shore , USVIMap
Riddims @ RAINBOW BEACH 01/09/1012:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Zebo's12/31/0910:00pmChristiansted, U.S. Virgin IslandsMap
Riddims @ RAINBOW BEACH 12/20/093:00pmFredricksted, USVIMap
Zebo's12/17/097:30pmChristiansted, U.S. Virgin IslandsMap
HARD ROCK CAFE 12/12/099:00pmMiami, FLMap
RED BAR12/11/0912:00amMiami, FLMap
ARTOCONECTO12/10/0912:00amMiami, FLMap
Zebo's11/13/0910:00pmChristiansted, U.S. Virgin IslandsMap
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